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We represent individuals who face serious criminal charges near Omaha, and while we have a long history of representing Nebraskans, we have also effectively represented military personnel charged with crimes and defended out-of-state drivers stopped for drugs on I-80. Attorney John Stevens Berry, Sr. has represented clients in criminal cases in 24 states and two foreign countries.

We represent people in trouble. Our criminal defense practice covers the spectrum from financial crimes and drunk driving to murder. The attorneys at the Berry Law Firm uphold a client’s rights at every stage, attacking the prosecution’s case. If you or a loved one has been charged with a state or federal crime in Omaha, we provide the experienced and aggressive representation you need.

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“The best way to support and defend the Constitution of the United States is through zealously defending the constitutional rights of each individual client.” Attorney John Stevens Berry, Sr.

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If you have been arrested for a serious crime in Omaha, Lincoln, or any other part of Nebraska, a competent Omaha criminal defense lawyer can affect the outcome of your case. Some believe the system is stacked against anyone accused of committing crimes, however, the U.S. Constitution is a very powerful weapon and shield for criminal defense lawyers who know how to use it to protect their clients.

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In many instances, a criminal conviction will cost the accused his or her hard-earned career. For others, the thought of becoming a convicted felon and losing the right to possess firearms or vote is devastating. Those accused of sex crimes often fear becoming a registered sex offender more than going to prison. Even misdemeanor convictions for domestic assault or DUI can be life-altering.

Our clients look to us for counsel, direction, and guidance when the justice system seems overbearing and overwhelming. At Berry Law Firm we have an entire team of criminal defense attorneys. We have spent our professional careers sharpening our skills to zealously advocate for clients and relentlessly pursue the best possible outcome for those who entrust their futures to us.

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Over our collective careers, we at the Berry Law Firm have defended clients in hundreds of jury trials. In our combined 100+ years of practicing law, we have accumulated extensive experience in criminal defense, veterans’ law, and injury law.

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