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If you have been arrested for a white collar crime or if you are under investigation for a white collar crime, it is critical that you contact the Berry Law Firm for help immediately. Our team has been aggressively defending clients from criminal charges since 1965. Over the decades, we have developed the unique skills and insight necessary to launch a strategic defense even against some of the most challenging white collar crimes charges.

Our team is able to handle a variety of white collar crimes, including those involving:

  • Wire fraud
  • RICO violations
  • Internet crimes
  • Credit card fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Money laundering
  • Tax fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Identify theft

White collar crimes are punished differently, depending on the dollar amount and value involved. Regardless of how complex the crime is, most cases do involve incarceration, a permanent criminal record, and fines. In many instances, employers are hesitant to hire anyone who was convicted of white collar crimes and other crimes involving theft.

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When we approach a case, we look through every detail, including bookkeeping and accounting methods, how law enforcement officials seized evidence, etc. We find that it is often the small details that can make or break a case. Our team even works closely with financial professional in order to build a convincing, strong case for you. Whether we are seeking reduced charges or fighting for a not guilty verdict in court, we are prepared to put in the necessary hard work and time.

It is essential that you work with a team with the right experience and the right resources to help you. We have tackled thousands of cases and defended hundreds of clients in jury trials. We are trial-tested, high-powered trial attorneys who are always ready to fight for our clients inside and outside of court. Our clients have even included military personnel and out-of-state residents from across the country.

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When your future, rights, and professional interests are at stake, don't wait to work with an experienced Omaha white collar crimes attorney at the Berry Law Firm. We can guide you through the criminal justice system and safeguard your rights.

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