Other Practice Areas

Other Practice Areas

Omaha Attorneys: Experienced Trial Advocacy

At the Berry Law Firm, our experienced Omaha lawyers are qualified to represent clients in a wide range of cases. Because some cases often overlap with other areas of law, this means that clients who come to our office for one issue can find that we are also able to help with another legal matter. If you are interested in learning more about what we can do to help with your issue, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

The Berry Law Firm is able to take cases involving:

  • Personal Injury If you have been injured in a highway accident, by medical malpractice, in a nursing home, or lost a loved one, we are here to help. We are passionate about assisting victims with personal injury claims and seeking the full and fair compensation they are entitled to.
  • Veterans Disability We are proud to serve veterans with disability applications and other benefits that they need. We know how confusing disability claims can be. Our team is here to walk you through the steps, from filing benefits applications all the way to the appeals process.
  • Wills / Probate We can represent clients in cases involving disputes over wills and probate matters. When a will contains ambiguity or when an executor is not acting in the estate's best interests, this can lead to intense conflict. It is important that you protect your personal interests and stake in the estate with the help of an attorney.
  • Asset Forfeiture Cases Whether you are facing a civil ,criminal, or administrative forfeiture of your assets, we can work to find ways to recover assets and properties that belong to you. We can also represent clients in interstate seizure issues.

We are committed to delivering the highest standards of personalized service and quality representation.

Speak with our attorneys about your case. Call (402) 817-6550 to reach our team.

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