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Forfeiture is the way the government penalizes an individual for a wrongdoing - by taking away assets or properties. The government also profits heavily from forfeitures. But in January of 2015, Attorney General Eric Holder made it clear that local and state police will not be allowed to seize cash and property without warrants or criminal charges.

If you have had your assets or properties seized, then it is important that you take action immediately and call one of our Omaha asset forfeiture attorneys at the Berry Law Firm. We can fight to help you recover your rightful assets.

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Fighting to Recover Your Assets

In Nebraska, forfeiture commonly occurs in interstate drug stops. In many cases, drugs are not even found during the search. But large amounts of cash suspected to be involved in drug-related activities are often seized. The moment your assets or properties have been seized, call our team immediately.

There are several different types of forfeitures that we can help you with:

  • Criminal forfeiture: When a property is suspected to be proceeds of a crime or used as instruments of a crime, then law enforcement officials will seize it.
  • Civil forfeiture: This occurs when a claimant files a complaint against the "guilty" party over disputed property or asset. The case will then proceed in the typical manner of a civil case, which includes depositions, interrogations, motions, and then a trial.
  • Administrative forfeiture: This is when a government agency, such as Customs or the DEA seizes your assets. No prosecutor or judge is involved in the process.

In interstate cash seizures in Omaha that involve no state criminal charges being filed, the money is pursued via civil/administrative proceedings. Criminal charges may be filed if prosecutors can prove that your money was used in a crime.

Interstate cash seizures in Seward, York, Lincoln, and other cities in Nebraska are often pursued criminally and charged as felonies. Law enforcement officials often use the possession of drug money as the basis of the seizure. Possession of drug money is a crime according to Nebraska's statutes. This carries a prison sentence of up to 5 years.

Fiercely Protecting Your Rights

Our criminal defense team is ready to work hard to not only protect your rights, but to help you recover your assets.

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